After graduating from college I decided to make traveling a significant part of my life. Years of travels around the world has brought me into contact with many different cultures and ways of living though one similarity stuck out:  Everyone in the world uses the same forms of finite carbon based energy sources.  Seeing and realizing that the world’s use of energy is not only highly unsustainable but also highly destructive to the surrounding environment, I decided to take on a role to help solve our global energy problem. 

After several years of interest and independent research and study, I became an active participant in the world of renewable energy by attending the renowned renewable energy institute of Solar Energy International. Immediately after completing my studies I began installing solar electric systems in the mountains of central Colorado. Shortly after attending SEI, I received further training in energy solutions through Energy Logic receiving my RESNET Energy Efficiency Auditor Certification.  I continue to keep up with cutting edge technology and industry trends through journals, workshops, and conferences which keeps me on my toes.  

With a firm belief that energy efficiency and renewables are here to stay and will be the future of global energy conservation and production, I started REvolution Energy Solutions and I'm excited to be a part of an industry that is changing the way human-beings think about and use energy. 

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